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December 15, 2007


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Aw, he makes a good reindeer!


May Buddy be Master of Ceremonies for this Friday's Canine Carnival? He IS dressed appropriately... :D


Just KILLS me that he's smiling and happy. If I put those things on Roxy, she'd have a sook-face so long you'd think she was a horse. Or, you know, a reindeer.


Pam, sure! He'll be in fine company as well. ;)

We got lucky with this picture, as he usually doesn't like the antlers on his head.
It's ok to put them around his neck, but he'll usually toss them off otherwise, as Roxy does, and - no doubt, the majority of the canine world. ;)


Wonderful capture! Buddy's looking awfully tolerant! Taylor usually only left his on for a nanosecond - although he did wear them around the block once 'cause the walk was a priority, you know!


What a delightful capture!!! That just made my afternoon...too cute.


HAHAHA!!! What a sweet pea!

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