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December 18, 2007


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Mrs. FC made an assortment, but the Ranger cookies were the ones I liked.
Love the header,Buddy is such a cool doggy!


FC, Buddy says Thanks, and he'll have a few butter cookies if you have any left.
what are ranger cookies, btw?


Cool; I love the new look!

I'm making snickerdoodles this year... and maybe some ricotta balls... and I know for a fact some sugar to decorate. Not too original, but it IS sugar! ;)


Awwww, lookit Buddy the Wonder Dog. And yes, thank you SO much for the respite from the cold and snow.

Tonight I'm making even MORE meat buns (spiced ground sirloin wrapped in pastry, a family fave - VERY fussy, but oh, so delicious); some gingerbread boys, some MORE butter tarts (my first batch evaporated) and what we call Ting-A-Lings (no pun intended).

My fruitcake is getting more and more scrumptious by the day. Every night I bring it out and wrap it in a cheesecloth freshly soaked with rum. MmmMmmMmm.

Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

It's not fair to blame your cats when you leave tempting baking just lying around for us to eat. We have sent some of your cookies off to an independent lab to be tested for cat poison. In the meantime, if our delicate stomachs get upset, we have no alternative but to heave on your floor. Just be thankful we don't head for the furniture when the time comes.

As for the alleged cat pee, it does not escape our attention that a certain drug-addicted dog has limited bladder capacity. We maintain that we are being blamed for his incontinence.

Labrador, Colllie and Gilbert, -FOR the Canines dot com

Notice is hereby given to Rico Suave, Imposter, Local 499, International Brotherhood of Felines.

Such allegations against Buddy the Dog shall be construed as both inflammatory and completely untrue. Buddy did not pee, nor did he attempt to pee, in the laundry room this morning. This can be proven in the common sense court of law.
Cat pee has a distinctive odor, unlike dog pee, and shall be treated as such, namely by hunting down the said cat pisser and kicking him in the a*s.

Further, Buddy the Dog feels that his reputation has been tarnished by the allegation that he is "drug-addicted" canine.
It cannot be proven that he is an addict. Addicts need to quit their habits, and Buddy cannot do that without endangering his very life. Therefore, he is not drug-addicted, he is "insulin dependent."

Thank you very much,
Labrador, Collie and Gilbert,
Attorney's at Law.
FOR The Doggies dot com.


Thanks, Pam! I've never actually had Snickerdoodles, although I've heard of them many times. They sound good! ditto on the ricotta balls.

Nils has been talking about those meat buns for years, and I agree, it sounds like a goooood recipe.
I'm about to make butter cookies, got an itch to bake up a few batches already.


I love the header!!! Happy dog :-)


I love your new look here, Laura.
Very nice.

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