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December 04, 2007


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He's ALWAYS waiting for her to stop talking. That's why I quit watching that show. She is very pretty, though.


Great shots Laura!

Is the camera peep stifling a sneeze or ... ?


Seamus, she was like that in several of my photos. Since the taping ran long, I figured she was tired.

Kenju, when she first started on the show, I stopped watching for much the same reason. She seems alittle calmer now, if that's possible. If i'm home, I watch parts of it from time to time. I'm not usually home at that hour anyway.


Great pics - she really is very pretty. And I love the new Christmas look!

I have no idea who the Jonas Brothers are, but Jessica Simpson ain't hard on the eyes ...


Great pics as usual! SO CLEAR! WOW!

I love the new design, too! Very much!


It was so cool doing the parade!
I can't wait to see it on tv.

I like the new layout.


I am catching up on reading...From the Holiday Inn on Ulmerton Rd. St. Petersburg no less.

Great pics.

Old Horsetail Snake

Hands off, Regis. I saw her first.


I like the way you see the real her...wrinkles and all. She is very beautiful. Nice to know that they are real people too...great camera work girl.


I was so sick of looking at that bird in the header! I've got to get some more photos for the header, but this will do for Christmas.
It's a standard Typepad design, not one of my own, however. ;)

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