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December 30, 2007


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I have to put glasses on my 2008 wishlist as bad as I hate to do it. I have had a hard time judging my own lately. Martin has had to straighten me out. Oh and the dog licked my lens one morning during the holidays so none of my pics were great that day because I didn't have my lens cloth with me and was afraid I'd scratch it if I just grabbed anything.


LMAO!!!!! For a long time I thought that the paperback books I was reading just had marginal printing ... until one day "B" offered me her glasses ... voila! The print was black and not gray!


LOL! Oh, no...! Been there, done that... :D


Laura, I had to switch to bifocals just this year. I always took my glasses OFF when taking pictures until just a few weeks ago. I couldn't see the point of focus in the viewfinder...kind of all of a sudden like. Thought the viewfinder was getting dim lol :)


I made that discovery a long time ago!


I'm beginning to think I need to see the eye doctor as well... dammit.


Sistah, I hear you!


Gosh, I have no idea what you mean ... my eyes are just as sharp as they were when I turned 39 a couple of years ago. Wait .. was that a 3 I just typed?


I had to work in the attic for a bit the other day. My back still hurts. When did I get old?


Lukie, you're not old, it's just that the attic was too much work. ;) LOL

Nils, 39, uh huh...still trying to pass yourself off as younger than me?

Janet, loud and clear! LOL

Kelli, or you could just wait till you're using Cntrl + on a regular basis.

Kenju, LOL!

Deb, Well I've got to say, it doesn't seem to have affected your photos that much! I think your talent has overcome your eyesight, LOL!

Pam, yeah... *sigh* Next time, I'll write about all the stuff I'm losing around here.

Seamus, that was another defining moment for me, having to get reading glasses.
I'd pick up the paper and most of it was blurry. And then it progressed - to restaurant menus, books, recipes, on and on.
Oh, and in the grocery store, when trying to read the ingredient list and the text is the size of a no-see-um!

Deana, ok, you were really going in for an all out zoom with the dogs, LOL
On the flip side, there are some really cool frames out there to go with your outfits!

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