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January 06, 2008


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Best wishes and a prayer for your Dad's successful surgery.
Tell him not to worry, Tim Tebow will stay at Florida two more years, then become the quarterback of the Dolphins and lead their resurgence.
Trust me.
I had a vision.


Can you get Tebow to do the surgery? Because I think he could totally do it.


Best wishes as you hard across the state. I know (and you know how WELL I know) how difficult the next little while might be. As you say, stay positive and latch on firmly to small victories.

Sometimes small victories are the only ones we can get. Other times - like, say, with my Pats - victories come in large, small, and medium sizes.

As you know, I was sorry to see the Bucs go ... they're a team I've learned to appreciate. Not as much as my Pats, but hey ...


Jack is a tough Gus! We are all praying for a successful surgery and smooth recovery!


Tell your dad I hope he has a fast recovery. And I can't believe he's a dolfan, and his only daughter likes the Bucs. That's just wrong man!


Laura, I wish (and pray for) your Dad a speedy recovery and hope they get it all and he will be fine.


Hope your dad is well.

I think both the Giants and Jacksonville have a good chance of beating the Pats. Perhaps Jville has the better chance. I want them to go down!


Hope all went very well today with your dad!


I'll remember your dad in my prayers. I hope he is doing much better...

from below- I love my Southern Living mags, they have the best recipes.


Thinking of you and your Dad today and hope the surgery went well ...


Thinking of you and your family. I hope all is well. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out. Take care, Kelli


I will keep your family in my prayers and I hope it all works out okay.


This is SO insensitive! Don't you know I'm still grieving for my Broncos?


Sorry, I was a bit too quick with the 'Post" button there. I meant to add "But best wishes to you and your Dad."

Old Horsetail Snake

No doubt the Dolphins will do well next year, BECAUSE OF YOUR DAD. Guaranteed. Sorry that nobody will beat the Patriots this year, of course (snicker, snicker....)

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