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January 02, 2008


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Walking???? there going to be an outbreak of "path rage"???
Did you lose your car to a teen?
Inquiring minds want to know!

If you had asked in the wee hours this morning I would have said I've given up sleep - by default!


Oh hell... people started avoiding ME around mid-December... or maybe sooner now that I think about it... hmmm...


LMAO Seamus, I haven't lost the car "YET"!
I need to work off the holiday cookie season before bathing suit season starts... which, in Florida, is probably next week.

Kelli, you seemed awfully cheerful in Gchat.. rofl... but I'll avoid ya, just to be sure.


I loathe captchas!

Rico suave is a funny little man. What exactly makes cats think that a blade of grass offers any protection at all?? ;)

Resolutions? No. Just want to make more money. LOL!


It MUST be that fish statue!!!


I use haloscan as a commenting system and rarely have spam comments.


No resolutions this year. Tried some last year ... didn't like 'em.


I did? When did we last chat? Was it before the holidays? Good Lord, I don't remember. Was I drinking? Oh no... what did I say...?

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