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January 26, 2008


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I'm off to check it out.


Oh bless you child(I can say stuff like that now that I'm 50) for that labster link.
What a fun site!


I just so love the one with the dachshund... make me want another dachshund. Not a lab. Prolly cuz I've never had a lab, but I have had dachshunds.

Yep, I'm rambling. Sorry... ;)

Old Horsetail Snake

Who tied that poor dog's ears in a knot? For shame....


This I have to see. I have an injured paw and the sister pouting because brother can't romp all over the backyard with her so I've been subbing today as playmate. I could use another Lab right now. Well actually I don't think I could afford it! lol.

BTW..did I tell you that you got an Excellent award on Friday's post. I have lost track of who I told and didn't tell.


I'm bored, and you need to post a new blog.

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