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January 14, 2008


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Wonderful news!
Glad the Dad is better.


SO happy to hear that your Dad is recuperating! :)

Thanks also for the 'recipe' for the alcohol slush - priceless!


Glad your Dad is feeling better and over the hump, darlin'. And it's nice how friends like Laurie and your folks' neighbours step up to the plate when things get rough.

Don'tcha wanna just smack the basketball guys? How do people do that kind of stuff?


It's sad but true that if you don't know somebody who works in the hospital, you're lost as a goose. So glad you had that support, and Dad is better.

Old Horsetail Snake

Ah cain't hardly bleev them basketballers wud do thet to y'all. Turrible.


I'm happy that your dad is better!


I am glad to hear your dad is doing better. Thanks for the ice pack tip!


I am glad to hear your Dad is doing better AND I am happy that the Patriots are still in the playoffs for another week. I blogged about you the other day. GO PATS!


Brady is not married. The moment his girlfriend told him we was having their baby, he ran faster than Randy Moss down the sideline. The guy is a bum but..... I love my Patriots.


Well then, Lukie, we've got to introduce him to Jessica Simpson. there must be a WAY.
I don't mind if they win the Superbowl, say, next year. I just want them to lose one game for Miami's sake. Had they lost the game a few weeks back, and still went into the playoffs, then I'd cheer them on. It's just that record...which I think is, by now, inevitable.
And, you blogged about me? Ack!! I'll be over to have a look, thanks! :)

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