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January 18, 2008


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Something tells me it's not just Percy who likes to torment Rick ...

Letting the cat up on the table. Shame on you.


awwww the poor kitty!!!


At our house, I'm the ogre who says the table is a No Cat Zone.
Sometimes, I catch my guys warily watching the window.

I'm not a dog person, so I cannot review the book.
In fact, I haven't read a complete book in awhile, because I'm too busy following the writings and antics of the folks on my Bookmarks list.


Nils, it works both ways. *I* am usually the target around here, not vice versa.
I will prove it one of these days.

Janet, nada! He was fed, eventually.
to the chinese.

ok, not that, either. (g)

Mrs. DoF, by the time you notice them in the window, they've probably straightened up their act. ;)

Old Horsetail Snake

When does the cat get fed? This sounds serious.

Old Horsetail Snake

You got a picture of the husband and thecat in a tiff? Might be good for YouTube.

Laura -

Hoss! that's a great idea! I'll keep the camera ready in case they go at it again, LOL.


I got that book for Christmas too, but have not started it yet.
I'm in the middle of a dog oriented Dean Koontz novel right now.
Glad to hear you are back to posting again.


That is so funny, I have started letting "Baby" cat lie on the table by the computer I have in there now with our tax stuff spread everywhere and some other year end reports for work...I don't see the harm but husband would have a fit!


Merle is a doll (and so is Ted, BTW :)
My ex used to get LIVID over cats on the table. Now he don't have a cat in that fight!!


I think your cat is a copy cat. He probably saw Rick strutting around and nuzzling your chin when he was trying to get you to feed him.

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