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January 02, 2008


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Whatever "YOU" was seems expensive so they aren't magazines!


Hmmm, it's not a food item. DVDs...or books????


My curiosity has been piqued....!


I know what the YOU are, lol...the Dr. Oz books, right?

I like being able to buy 2Cup Fat, but quite frankly, I think $9.99 is a bit pricey for fat, don't you?

I need to get one of those measuring cups, but I wouldn't use it enough....


$40 for sheets ... why are sheets so expensive? They're just a flat piece of cloth!


At those prices, I'll say Books. At least you didn't have to pay for shipping. I just ordered 3 books over the 'Net, and the packaging more than doubled their cost.
And Book III arrived first, so I have to wait to read the first two to make sense of the story.

OXO items are good quality. You should have it for quite awhile.


What the heck is "3 pk rect"???


Kenju, I'm beginning to think this receipt is like a Dr.'s prescription, impossible to decipher! I still don't know what it is, LOL. Also, the $1.99 dinner plate? those were paper christmas plates!

Linda and Mrs. DoF got it.. books with the "You" series by Dr.'s Roizen and Oz. Some of the presents for my brother and his wife. :)
The prices were actually better than Amazon or Borders, or my local bookstore.

FC, yes, but they last a longgggg time. LOL.
I've bought cheap sheats before and won't do it ever again! That set was for the inlaws, who were sleeping on the double bed in Britt's room.
I haven't bought this brand before, but the sheets were soft and so far have gone through two wash and dry cycles without fraying and shrinking.


When I was in Target I told my daughter " I think that's Laura from Vitamin Sea" But like FC I didn't want to seem like a fruit just in case it wasn't you. Forgot about it until you posted the receipt. Should have just gone up thanked you for all the laughs and guilty pleasure while I was supposed to be doing mommy things.


I knew nothing about those books until I opened my email from Borders -- coincidentally moments after reading your blog. :)


The You owners and You staying caught my attention right off and I couldn't for the lfie of me figure out what that meant so I am so glad you've explained....and I still don't know what you guys are talking about, I've never heard of these books.


This just occurred to me... you can BUY two cups of fat at Target, but can you return them? What if you don't have the receipt?

Old Horsetail Snake

I thought You owners was the lohg version of yowners. I don't know what You staying could have been. Sounds to me like question you'd ask of the in-laws, as in : How long You staying?

Tim (Organic) Lester

You really need to cut back to just 1 cup :P


LOL @ Tim, and actually, I did! that's one full cup of fat that didn't make it into the gravy.

Hoss!! Actually, I was tempted to ask....;)

Kelli, then you'd get 2 cups of fat as store credit...? Use it in the candy dept...

Deana, you'd like these books, I'm sure of it. They're full of factual health info and it's a whole other way of looking at what really goes on inside our bodies.

For the record, I wrote to Dani.. amazes me how close we live to each other!!
Although, I can't figure out how she knew it was me. ;)

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