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February 26, 2008


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I haven't forgotten the sign meme; I just haven't been out of the house! LOL!


I will be doing the sign meme. Assuming I can recover from the hurtful jokes about my age.

And I make you shake your head? Was that the rattling sound I heard?

Old Horsetail Snake

Is Rico suave enough to put the bite on somebody? Sure looks like he's mouth-primed for biting.


Well, Hoss, Rico is a biter. Unlike our other cats, he won't hesitate to chomp in for a good bite. His teeth are serious weapons when I go to battle with him.
Which is... uh, often.

Nils, pah, it's your bones that rattling. (g)

(For those of you who feel sorry for him, please don't. I'm not even being 1/3 as cruel as his jokes have been this past week, when I was seriously "ill".) ;)

Pam? Do you need a sign from God or something? LOL.


I have nose idea what you are talking about.


Great picture of Rico.
I can't even describe how he looks.


Yikes! Those teeth look sharper than claws. Yes dear...some people DO rodeo at midnight. That precious pic is from back in the day when my brother opened a nightclub by that name.

PS. Thanks for turning me onto Labster :)

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