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February 14, 2008


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ROFL!!!!!! That's hilarious! Good for Gramps!

Hope everyone feels better...! And happy Valentine's Day. :)


Despite the misleading title of this post (and my keen disappointment), I was amused by the story of Gramps and the boobs. And yes - a hole in one and gratuitous boobery in the same week? That's a jackpot few men ever hit.


Awww, don't be disappointed Nils, I 'm sorry I didn't get pics. LOL. And it's not misleading. There was a naked woman, after all. and I am voiceless,to some degree.

Thanks Pam!


Naked neighbors?
Hmmmmm... I may have to rethink this living in the middle of nowhere thing.


That Buddy is just too cute.


ahhhh my Dad would die for that!


I don't know what it is this year, but I am like your spouse... I NEVER get sick. Its been so long, that Bones thought I'd never been sick in his 8 year life. But I got laryngitis and then one helluva cold. It was nasty. I don't know anyone who has been able to fight that one. Blech.

I'm LOL at Grandpa! Holy crap that is funny!


That dog is actually smiling!


Hootie Who! Grandpa sounds like he had a pretty darned good week! A hole in one and a naked 20 something has to rate pretty high! Great post.

Old Horsetail Snake

Ol' Buddy shoulda been in the Westminster Dog Show. Second place, easy. (I liked the Beagle best.)

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