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February 07, 2008


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As soon as I READ the word yawn, I DID. Talk about power of suggestion!!!


I yawned too.


How sweet and precious indeed.


funny how when one reads the word "yawn" or sees something yawn, one feels the need to yawn as well ;-)

GREAT photos!

Rico Suave, Local 459,  IBF

This is what happens when poor, overworked cats are forced to take short breaks in their jammed schedules. The fact that management feels the need to monitor every move we make with cameras ought to enrage animal lovers everywhere. Fight the power.


Oh, geez. I yawned, too!

Beautiful photos; I can't believe you were shooting into the light! Excellent!


I didn't yawn until everyone started to tell me they did!!!


I think he didn't like the aroma of the orchid over his head!


I didn't get a chance to post yesterday and I wanted to tell you that by Sunstar and the extension office they have recycling bins there.Don't know if that's closer to where you go now.


Hee hee... great pictures (shot into the light or not)... I can FEEL the warmth from the sunlight just looking at it. Which is good, 'cuz, there ain't no sunshine here in Northern IL this morning...


I'll send him up to you then, Kelli. He comes with his own sunlight...

Dani, that's exactly where we go!

Kenju, I was afraid he'd start chewing on the plant, but he's left it alone so far. whew!

Bou, good thing you couldn't smell his breath.. lol

Pam, I got lucky this time, a narrow aperture and faster shutter speed would have worked better. But sometimes you just want to grab the camera and shoot, without having to compose everything!

Rico, what power? You've been sleeping all day, btw. High time you got off your blubber and did something useful around here.

Janet and Jeanne, Thanks!!! :)

FC, hope you weren't at work when you yawned at the monitor. ;)

Linda, it's contagious, isn't it!


Those are just great.

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