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February 06, 2008


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" most Floridians are these days, what with all the fraud in the insurance industry and the fact that OJ is STILL physically living in Miami, instead of behind bars..."



OJ...still physically living" ... is bad enough.

We toss it all in the trash and let the prison girls who work at the landfill sort it out.
Don't do the crime if you can't do the recycling my garbage time.


it was the "palmetto bug problem" right? Florida doesn't have bugs, right? At least, not big huge ones, right?


Since we have fewer people living in the house these days, the dishwasher needs something 'extra' to make it worthwhile to run it.
My re-cycling cans and bottles get tucked into corners and get washed every night.
We don't have a problem with bugs, so far.

Our newspaper delivery is paid for only on Sundays, but we get random papers on the porch through the week. The Circulation Dept. phone person says this is Promotional, and the delivery personnel earn points for accepting and distributing extras.
It's not because I don't have time to read printed pages.
It means I have more stuff in the re-cycle bin too soon.

When our bins in the corner of the kitchen get full, we have to drive them about a mile away to the town's green and white specialized dumpsters.

Sometimes I wonder if Penn & Teller's dvd B*LLSh*T! about re-cycling efforts is fact or fiction.


I am really glad that our area has recycling pick-up along with trash pick-up! I used to truck it over to a central site.


Anybody who cares about recycling like you do should get a Hershey's kiss right on the smackeroo. Nicely done, Laura.

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