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February 03, 2008


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I think I'd have been less grumpy after the game if it hadn't been so damn boring. I mean, the wrong team won (from my perspective), but you'd think two teams like that would have given us something interesting to watch. Plodding offense and adequate defence ... a yawner. But hey ... at least, in the end, the Dolphins can go on claiming that 16 is greater than 18 . It's that kind of math that gets Presidents elected ... in Florida.


pfft, if it was so easy Nils, then why hasn't another team been able to do it?

William the Miami Dolphin song the one Beck did a few years ago....


ITA with Laura....honestly, sounds like sour grapes from Nils....

Don't matter how good you are, everything can change in a minute...or less. One thing I said was that even though there were 35 seconds left, the Patriots could STILL have won...but the Giants wanted it more. The defense was FANTASTIC in the last few seconds. Oh, and good ol' Tom...HOW many times did the G'ints defense put a bag on your know...SACK YOU!


There was a football game last night?


Linda, you're so right about the Patriots, they definitely could have won this game. Especially in that last play where Brady threw downfield, twice, if the receiver caught the ball, it would have been disastrous! And boy, am I ever glad the defense rallied!! whoooo!

Nils, are you a tad upset? (g)

William, I meant the original dolphin song, from wayyyy back in the 70's.

FC, what are we going to do with you?!! LOL


My favorite moment was Bill Belichick heading off down the tunnel before Giants made the final play to finish the game. Real class. Not.


Andrew, I've heard that about Belicheck, too. Whatever happened to leading your team by example?

When a 10 year old goes stomping off the field because his team lost, he's taught to go back to the field, stand up and take the loss like a man, and go out there and shake the hands of his opponent.
When my daughter's team loses, they don't go running off the floor and into the training room to hide.

And here's a great coach of the NFL who just can't seem to take the time to cross the field and shake the hand of the rival coach. That's disrespectful to me. It makes him a sore loser and, frankly, a bonafide wuss. If your team makes it all the way to the Super Bowl, you should have the class to give the winning team the respect it deserves, especially when that teams hands you the toughest game of your life.
18-1? pfft.
Shula, win or lose, would have shaken his hand.


Much celebration here too!


3Collie, Congrats!! :)


I couldn't figure out why you wanted them stopped. Duh, I forgot about the Dolphin fans. I like that little Eli. I told my hubby I think I am going to become a Giants fan. God knows the Redskins will never take me back to the Superbowl. (That is pessimistic isn't it?)

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