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February 16, 2008


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Mine is very boring. There are only about 6 or 7 on my desktop, because I send them to the inactive file, so as not to clog up the view.....LOL


If I were the cat, I'd sue for defamation of image!!! ;)


hahahah have fun cleaning!


Woah. Well, my desktop would bore you to tears, then. LOL!

Rico Suave, Local 459, IBF

Do you SEE what this person piles on me every time I try to have a nap?


Mine has about 5 icons over a pic of Flounder and Feather on the dock.
Yours is ... uhm ... busier.


Old Horsetail Snake

I will have to do that one of these days. My desktop is not nearly as active as yours, but I do have a swell picture that I swiped from Vicki.

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