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February 16, 2008


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I'm so glad you guys are getting better!

I heard that Whooping Cough is making a comeback but people assume that all they have is a cold; they don't know that they are much, much sicker...

And thanks for the pillow advice; when I lost Zoe I lost my tummy warmer... ;)


That was a bad, nasty cold! Glad you all are on the mend!
Those microwavable grain packs are wonderful companions!

Sugar Britches

I take gossip mags or movies. All I want to do when I'm sick is lay around and veg. Light reading I say! No War and Peace when I'm sick.


Yes, tylenol severe cold. I just had a couple of those about a half hour ago, and I'm starting to see straight. I need to remember to rub the vicks all over my feet if it gets that bad. Sorry you've been down with it, it's NOT nice!! :(


I would add Cold FX or Cold MD - they may only be available in Canada, thanks to your FDA. But they seem to boost the immune system and make the cold go away faster.

And of course, the most important thing you can bring to someone who is suffering like that is a quilt. And a remote for the TV. And rye.


Chicken Soup and crackers.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.

Is it wrong that I thought "Oh, how nice to be able to have such a great excuse to lay around, nap and watch television!"?


Chicken soup ... homemade, but not by the sick person.

Hot green tea.

Hope you all are truly on the mend down there.

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