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February 27, 2008


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Rattlesnacks!!!! are brave to stay around for a photo. I too am afraid of those covers and refuse to walk on them. Who knows what monsters might snatch me up for dinner....or worse. A mother to hatch their eggs!!!


Men everywhere are reading this in awe of a woman who appreciates rattlesnakes and their right to be here.
I can't help thinking that even though it's a park where wildlife is protected, it is a good thing it was you who came across it rather than the average rattlesnake hating joe public.
Nice that you passed each other with no harm done.


Wow, he really is gorgeous... but I can't get over the feeling that I'd like to take a shovel and separate his little head from his body. Sorry. It comes from growing up in the country, I guess... Hey, I must be the 'average rattlesnake hating joe'! :)


Oh Holy Jeebus. Had I been there to see it I would have done something called a "Poot & Scoot". I'm sure that you can imagine what that

Here in Oklahoma, we have these Copperheads that just like to curl up in my driveway and get some sun. Have to say, I don't like it.

Old Horsetail Snake

If you were walking a Road Runner (bird) instead of that dog, you would be plenty protected. I strongly recommend it.


I would have peed my pants right there! I hate snakes, but I don't mind photos. My mom hated snakes so badly that she couldn't even watch them on TV.


Yeesh. Snakes... *shudder*

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