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February 08, 2008


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Jeeze Louise Laura - I just gained 5 pounds reading this! Getoutcherwalkingshoesbaby! That pavement need poundin'! LOL!


Seamus, I'm going to, fast!
or is that, I'm going to fast... lol!


Wow! The best looking cake to me? RUM cake! Mmmmm.... I can taste it....


Walking home from Fort Meyers...
It won't be a cake walk that's for sure.

... or will it?


pack up them rummies and send 'em my way....YUM!!!


Gee, Laura, don't you have a dog? Dogs like cake. So do freezers.


It's a good thing I'm up here in NC and not in FL!!


FC, it won't be a cake walk, but can I interest you in a fundraiser? :) For just $1. a mile from Ft. Myers to my house, with proceeds going toward my newest Canon Lens charity. What a worthwhile cause!! ;)

Linda, send address. LOL

Hoss, he's diabetic so that's out. But you're right about the freezer. Rick's grandmother brought up homeade pies and tarts.

Judy, see my reply to Linda, LOL.




I'd have to throw them out except a small bit for Toonces because I would eat them! The Boston one looks sooooo good! I had to throw away my choc. expresso beans yesterday because I kept digging in the bag and was afraid I'd wipe them out in one sitting!


I loves me some cake... although, I do remember actually starting to dread having to eat any more cake when I was preggers with our first clown. I had really obnoxious (noxious) heartburn, and three (or was it four?) baby showers... it got to the point when just looking at the frosting "hurt".

I'm SO over that now, though. ;)


Bless your heart. And your belly :)

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