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March 13, 2008


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We've composted for years now.Last year we got one of those nifty bins from the extension building when they were having classes.Keeps everything tidy for us.The end product ends up in my veggie garden.I've found that keeping a bucket with a lid on it in the kitchen helps with all the daily scraps and then I just empty it in the compost at the end of the day.


I do not compost, I do not plant veggies... heck, I don't plant anything; I've got all I can do to keep what I have cut down. ;)

I am surprised to see any kind of poop in the list, since the last list I looked at vehemently denied fecal matter should be in one's compost heap.


I don't grow anything that needs compost, although I may start this year. My cleaning woman composts, and I save 2-3 zipper bags of refuse for her every week. It makes me feel like I am doing something good for the environment.


I just sling stuff off the porch and into the woods.
Always seems to be gone the next day.


I started composting a few months ago. I keep a small bucket with a lid outside and when I think about it, I throw all my kitchen scraps in it, except for ANY meats. I plan on starting a vegetable garden soon, but unfortunately, my little compost pile isn't big enough to do much good yet.


I don't, but I'd really like to. I do have a garden...and I've never done anything to it other than grow stuff. Obviously, I need help!

" Unpaid bills " ... hahaha!


We've yet to start a compost pile (is on the "to-do" list though), but we are doing a voluntary recycle program and cut what goes to the dump by 4/5ths.


I've tried a little compost pile but I keep forgetting to buy cover for it so it doesn't do anything!

Linda/RV Vagabonds

Hard to compost living the RV lifestyle, but did it when we owned a house. As to the fleas in the vacuum cleaner bag? Buy a flea collar, snip it into 2 inches sections, stretch one section to activate it and then drop it (one section only) into your vacuum cleaner bag. Voila'--kills the fleas that continue to live in the bag feeding off whatever.


We've composted here since moving in and starting our garden. Though I will admit to occasionally micturating out-of-doors, I have yet to point the stream towards the compost heap. That's one to remember.

Having a chicken coop gives us extra material to put on the garden as well, but composting chicken poop (and hay) is dodgy business. One misstep and you have a compost heap full of fly larvae and other creatures that are decidedly LESS cute than earthworms.

Best thing about our compost - volunteer tomatoes. Stay tuned over at my place (and I am serious when I say) for forthcoming photos of our little vols. They're delicious.

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