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March 25, 2008


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Packin' away Rico and Gators! Does he protest loudly when you close the lid? ;)


oh he protested all right. but duct tape does wonders.
That'll teach him to stop spraying everywhere I turn, grrrr.
I'm seriously looking for a new home for him.
the ideal owners are quiet retirees who don't have any construction planned (he hates commotion), who don't travel often (because he needs a lot of attention), and who do not have any cats at all. Older dogs are ok. Rico really loves Buddy to death.

I honestly don't think he'll spray if all these conditions are met.


Looks pretty innocent to me.
Are you sure he's the one spraying?


too bad he's spraying...he's gorgeous!


He's beautiful!


He is a real sweetheart, actually. He likes to follow me around the yard and bump me with his head, and just generally hang out with me while I'm working out there. He's always finding a funny place to curl up and this one. :)

FC, I've seen him spray many times. It usually happens when the other cats are nearby. That seems to set him off.
I get tired of running around the house to clean it up, cause I can't stand the smell!

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