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March 23, 2008


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I'd love a garden like long as it came with a gorgeous, hunky gardener to tend it as well!


Oh, what a lovely photo!

I'm with Linda. I would love to have a garden like that, a hunky gardener to tend it, and the time to sit and enjoy it. :)

me & my puppies

Ok, you fooled me! Beautiful garden.


Just checking in and trying to catch up.
Love the rainy shot below.
And the humor.
And the chocolate.


What Linda said! LOL!

Sugar Britches

That is thing of beauty. What a talent you have!

tacoma florist

that's a gorgeous garden.


I'm still looking for the hunky gardner. Hub aint doing a thing....
;) LOL


I'm drooling over all of your garden pics already...your weather must be n.i.c.e right about now!!


It is right now, Poops! about upper 60's (I think).
But it was cold this morning, with wet, damp winds and temps in the 40's overnight. yech!

Btw everyone, y'all know that ISN'T my garden, right? LOL. Maybe when I sell Rick's boat, I'll get one like that. shhh.


I will never get my garden the way I want it to look. Lord knows I just keep on a tryin'!

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