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March 05, 2008


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I think it's a tricolored too.Stokes says that the imm.has more brown on the neck and wings.


It's looks like a great blue to me, but I thought it was a green at first. I suppose it might be, but it's not dark enough according to the pics on - (it's a great tool for bird id'ing!) :)


Looks like it's speaking to you! Perhaps you could ask it! ;)


Tricolor aka Louisianna heron.
That's my guess.

Nice shot.


Yeah, I think it is a tricolor. On the link FC mentioned, there are two photos that most resemble this one.
The physical description seems to fit him as well:

"Tricolored herons are medium-sized birds with the long legs and neck characteristic of herons and egrets. Legs are yellow in the non-breeding season and pink in the breeding season. In flight and at rest Egretta tricolor holds its neck at a curve, similar to a "S". They have a rather long and pointed bill that, in the non-breeding season, is yellow with a black tip. In the breeding season, the yellow turns to blue. Their underside and neck is a white, a characteristic that is unique to this particular species, but makes them very difficult to find because they blend into the vegetation in their habitat.

The young are differently colored than the adults and have a "rich chestnut head and neck...and chestnut feathering on blue-gray back."

This one had yellow legs and the long multi-colored beak, which threw me, but the tip on the website about the breeding season explains a lot.

Dani, Leanne and FC, thanks for the birding sites. I've bookmarked all of them!

And Seamus, I think he was speaking to me. I had Buddy with me and the bird was NOT pleased... had a hard time taking the pic because the dog was quivering so much. He wants to chase after him.
BirdO flew away after telling me off.. .LOL!


Nice that you're taking picts of herons that aren't actually in your back yard feeding pond ...

me & my puppies

I'm going with Egretta tricolored heron, white belly & thin white neck stripe, purplish on chest. Nice photo!


Front yard, Nils... tsk tsk.
There's a cattle egret that has been hanging around lately, eating our lizards. He has no idea how fat the fish are getting. whew!
Your favorite fat cat has been useless in keeping him out of the yard, however.

Pups, I think you're right, especially after seeing this photo.
Thanks for the link!


I agree with the Tricolored Heron diagnosis. Not that I'm an but it looks very, very similar to the pic I found in my National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds...A very lovely bird too!

Old Horsetail Snake

What the hey? It's a great picture, no matter what his/her name is.


Good photo, no matter what he is.


And you doubted yourself. Nice id, Laura! :D


I am inclinded to think it is a Tricolored Heron too. My software has a picture of very close to your's. I use the Thayer Bird Software.

They list it as an adult.

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