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March 21, 2008


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I guess I was lucky; my kids would eat anything chocolate and anything sweet! Happy Easter!


Wow,they didn't like chocolate!?!? I wish I had that gene.Hope you have a nice Easter.


My girls are 23 and 26, respectively. One is a mother, the other is getting married in September. Tonight, we will be hiding Easter Eggs because " ... it won't seem like Easter if you don't hide Easter Eggs!".

23. And 26. Jesus wept.


We minimize the candy in the baskets....I don't go overboard. My daughter's first REAL (read: the one where she understood) Easter, her basket was SICK...too filled with TOO much. Now, it's much less. A chocolate bunny, a chocolate peep egg (these are cool, marshmallow peep inside a hollow egg!), a few eggs filled with candy, and a few toys (Littlest Pet Shop....and my son, he gets Cars stuff). We'll be doing an egg hunt in the neighborhood (IF the weather holds out).

And have you SEEN the color of Peeps this year? Bought some BRIGHT RED ones this year...too cool!

Oh...and now they have EDIBLE GRASS!!!!!


We tried raisins in the basket once only to be met with a chorus of, "EWWWWWWWWW, RABBIT DROPPINGS!" ;)

Sufficed to say this is an insufficient offer

Schwartzenegger insists the victims of the 2007 Southern California firestorm temporarily residing at Jack Murphy Stadium are happy.
First he calls Tonight Show host Jay Leno an "idiot". Then he drops this bomb.
If it were Gray Davis the gods would have their media attack him mercilessly for these mistakes. Together they may be enough to cost any other politician his career. But not Arnold Schwartzenegger.
They say he makes comments like these all the time, clues which are all buried. And it's because they have BIG plans for him::::He is a tool who will be used to accomplish historical evil for the gods.

They say there is a strange sense of "unease" at the State Capitol, perhaps because he doesn't belong there. He is not American, among other reasons. Sadly this is an issue that is too readily discounted:::::His loyalties lie with a country that was the enemy of the United States a mere 65 years ago. Just as we witnessed with Clinton in 1992 expect blacks to register and vote en masse for Schwartzenegger as well, a clue and a red flag.

Weight training (promoted in every prison system in the country), promotion of pharmeceuticals (steroids), desensitizing "guy flicks" all prove the name "Preditor" is warranted.
Less than 24 hours passed after a traffic accident on I-5 before Schwartzenegger declared a state of emergency, but it took over 2 full days before he did the same for the San Francisco Bay envionmental disaster incident.

The gods love reverse positioning, and this Austrian genocide issue is an OUTSTANDING example:::
There is symbolism between the two:::Hitler was an Austian-born leader of a foreign nation.
It appears as if Hitler is a monster. When Schwartzenegger does his thing he will appear as a hero, an enforcer of decency. Quite the opposite is true, ironically.
Monsters like Al Capone, violent gangsters from the 20s and 30s thought they were going up. Instead they were routed into the Nazi death camps::::This Austrian genocide event disposed of these monsters.
Schwartzenegger's genocide event will dispose of society's VICTIMS, people who are the way they are (abusive, abrasive, violent, criminal) BECAUSE of their disfavor.
People will say the Italians were pushed into it too, but I'd like to remind you black evidence is contradictory (crack, AIDS, etc). Italian evidence REINFORCES corruption (1906, ). Based on these clues it is safe to say the Italians are more disfavored than Africans and fell for temptation voluntarily, as opposed to crackheads hitting the pipe or Black War I, fueled by adrenaline.
Ironically, Hiter is the enforcer of decency. Schwartzenegger is the monster. But the movies already prove Schwartzenegger is a promoter of indencency, so when his genocide event happens there will be no secrets.

This exposure from me can change their script. Or, more appropriately said, alter the Manifest Destiny's senarios to fall in line with the god's script.
That means Schwartzenegger was never going to be used. But I think the evidence we have suggests he in fact IS the one foreshadowed with the Hitler figure, his genocide event foreshadowed with the Holocaust.
And, ironically, blacks will show up at the polls to vote for their own deaths.
I believe there is symbolism with Ronald Reagan as well:::Actor, govenor, president. Recall Reagan was govenor during the god's "counter culture" offensive against the disfavored, and Reagan HATED hippies::::::.

There is one geographic clue I have not addressed in years:::Uranus, a planet tilted 90 degrees on its axis. I have stated in years past that I think this is a clue offered by the gods suggesting the fate of planet Earth, that tectonic plate subduction would be the method of disposal:::Earth’s axis will shift breaking continental plates free and initiating mass subduction.
Undesirables will either perish in the government marijuana erradication program "gone awry" or be the recipients of reparations granted by the US government because of it.
I believe the New Testiment battle of the Anti-Christ and the Second Coming of Christ will ocurr in subsequent years SPECIFICALLY because these people will be distracted with the money during the event.
When the Earth's axis shifts people will be cast into outer space with gold cards in hand.
I think this was foreshadowed on an episode of the Simpsons where Homer and Bart are on the disfavored ship and eject, only to experience a sense of euphoria, expand then explode in the vacuum of space.
When the United States government pays out reparations I believe you have less than a handful of years before the gods end on Planet Earth.

Vienna was the center of the music world for a reason.
Any middle age person today remembers the excitement surrounding classical music in the mid-20th century.
Classical music was "in play". Expect the same "magic" was employed back then as well.
Motzart's ugly for a reason. Similarly, Schwartzenegger's appearance is suspect as well.
Other Austrian clues:::Sigmund Freud was used to establish the discipline of psychoanalysis. Homosexuals and alcoholics are pushed into "wanting it", but psychoanalysis is a "Big Lie", positioning of the gods which they are going to enforce.
Austrian beer is more addictive than other beers. They say it is justified in the processing but it is because this brewer is Austrian.
Origin of energy drinks is Austrian. Consistant with the beer example expect Austrian energy drink to be more addictive than their competetors.
The Hitler example fits in, showing the disfavored we should have empathy for the guinea filth who ironically died in their own death camps. Considering that their intent was to destroy decency and our quality of life, I will leave empathy for others. I consider them Planet Earth's acceptable losses. If only Horrible gets to strike the death blow.

Reparations for a government marijuana erradication program gone awry a.wav
Reparations for a government marijuana erradication program gone awry b.wav

Their intent with Horrible::::They'll being me back in the Preditor clone host for the MarijuanaErradicationProgram "gone awry", ironically putting the disfavored's 20th century enemies in black and Latino clone hosts for this genocide event.
Glock is Austrian. The gods already used the Austrians for black genocide once.


Wow. How often do you see insane rantings directed at AUSTRIANS? What's next? The Swiss? The Dutch? "Damn dirty Finlanders!"

Proving once again that "There's more of them "out" than "in", and they all have computers."

You've certainly attracted a few members of the tin-foil hat brigade lately. I just wish they were more coherent - it would make for more interesting (although perhaps more scarifying) reading. (g)


Nils, it all started when the "government marijuana erradication program" went awry. I think that's what is really ticking him off. And the Austrians shouldn't be offended. Today it's Austria, yesterday it was Australia. Apparently he's been working his way through the A's.

I wonder what he'll say when he gets to El Salvador, which is where his IP is supposedly coming in from. We'll have to brace ourselves when the time comes.
For the record, Schwarzenegger is an OK guy in my book. I wouldn't kick him out of bed for fanning the sheets. But I would wear a gas mask.

And they are coming out of the woodwork these days. What did I say to attract them??
Last week Truxer arrived all the way from the Ohio Public Library system!!


Never try to guess what's setting a crazy person off. As often as not, it's "air".


Actually Nils, chemical imbalances in the brain have a lot more to do with it. What doesn't make sense to us makes perfect sense to them. In a perfect world, they wouldn't choose to be this way at all. Where you and I can X out of this window and move on with our day, they can't get away from the stream of thoughts embedded in their brain. And that's a horrible way to live.
Frankly, I've heard less coherent rants from otherwise sane people.
For a rant like this, I can take it for what it is and move on. Somethings are better to just let go and let be.

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