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March 25, 2008


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How does you bougainvillea survive so well? Don't you get the occasional frost? Ours collapsed after the first minor frost and is showing no signs of revival. We thought about having a "Come-to-sprout-meeting" with it, but decided it was too close to Easter for comfort!


That Rico Suave sure is a smaht cat!


Beautiful, even in transition!


Bougainvillea is so beautiful that I wouldn't mind if it could eat my yard!


Yo yo yo, dude - as usual, Simon nailed it. He's always right, you know. What he failed to mention (as usual) is how much POTENTIAL it has. How it was once beautiful and will be beautiful again with a lot of hard work!



Seamus, we rarely get a frost in my part of Tampa Bay, so that's a factor. Being close to the water, I don't think i've ever covered up any of my ferns or other plants when the frost warnings are hitting nearby counties.
I think I'll do a post on the it, because I also had several letters asking about it's care.

Janet, he sure is. Want him???

Thanks Pam and Judy. :)

And despite my making fun of Simon, I do think he's almost always dead on about the contestants. I find myself nodding in agreement a lot of the time, except when he's overly cruel!

Thanks, Leanne. It's a one day at a time thing.. LOL

Mrs. G.

Wow! You appear to live in paradise.

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