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March 12, 2008


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That's a nice eclectic post! I watch Idol too. Kristy is a good singer, but she chose a lousy arrangement for a song and couldn't decide if she was doing it country or rock. She's young; she'll recover. David was too inclined to pose while singing for my taste. I love David A. and Brooke.


So I decided that I am allowed to be tired of working. Seeing as I go to school 5 days a week, 3 days a week I work at the grocery store, the other 3 days I work at the video store. And then! 2 days out of the week I am now volunteering at the Aquarium. AND on TOP of that I am SOMEHOW balancing all that plus a boyfriend and my family and a LIIFE.

I am Wonder Woman. I just decided.

Laura again.

Sam, Wonder Women make a lot of money. (g)
And one of these days, you'll be giving up those jobs for something betterrrr.
Also, could you read my Paper was King post? Tu... ;)

Judy, my hub likes Brooke also. But I honestly don't have a clear favorite this year, although I do like Carly Smithson over the others.


Laura, that's what the lichen fell out of in the first place. In fact, it is still attached to a piece of the bark. Thanks for the visit!


Just dropping by to say Hello!
I see you change your template!


he he he re: livebloggin' ;-)

Go Moko!!!

me & my puppies

All we get here is New York news, we've heard more about Spitzer and his "friend" than I care to. Oh and now they're bringing up the whole McGreevey affair again. Where is the clicker!!


Laura stream-of-consciousness! ;)

There's still a "moral majority"?????

Laura, thinkin 'bout what you said....

Seamus, ahhh, stream of is a good thing. And if you think about it, in conversation, we could talk about anything. So why do we only stick to one topic in our blogs? I could ramble on for hours on hundreds of things find sticking to one topic on my blog stiffling, indeed. ;)

Pups, I wouldn't want to turn on the news up there right now. I can imagine the local channels are saturated with it. At least down here, they're talking about other things on the news at the moment! whew.

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