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March 13, 2008


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If we weren't supposed to pile junk on tables then why are they flat?
Not home yet, but mine is probably still sporting the stack of junk catalogs that nobody seems capable of throwing away, piles of laundry sorted by person, but still not moved, a few books, a salt and pepper shaker (weird!), and a pair of glasses.


I'll be happy to add to that pile of bills for you! And you ought to see my dining room. It is piled high with all the crap from the kitchen. The painter was here for 3 days and now I am left with the aftermath of sanding dust and all the paint drops he didn't clean up. It will take me 3 days to get it all back to normal!


ahhh, at least I know I'm normal.
Whew. ;)

Hang in there, Judy.. the job is almost done!

Sugar Britches

I have crime scene tape put across Big's bedroom door. I have one neat son and one slob and never the twain shall meet-or something along those lines!


Our Kitchen Table is similar to yours, except we usually can sit down to eat a meal. Well, maybe move over a magazine or laptop, but clear enough.

Our study table (we never dine in here) has 6 skeins of yarn drying out from the tea I spilled on it yesterday (thank goodness the yarn is already brown)
my second favorite pair of jeans awaiting some mending on a torn pocket, which happened whilst I was cleaning up the tea
a pile of stuff (also drying out from the tea) which normally resides in my crochet bag (which is in the laundry room)
and a book set up on its edge drying out from tea

Perhaps I shouldn't try to drink hot tea while sitting at the end of the couch where I crochet.


ahhh, the poor girl, her room's a mess and so's the dining room table, yet who's in trouble? ;-)

btw...I think we should shoot pictures of our dining room tables...NOT! Mine's probably a whole helluva lot messier than yours. It's got bills, clothes, cameras, presents, boxes, Christmas stuff, magazines and Buddha knows what else!


Funny, but we now have all this room and we still use the DR table as the community desk! Go figure!

I'll be right over to choose a bill ... uh huh ... ;)


Mine has been taken over with my 2 green tree frog tanks.Remodeling their digs and getting them ready for breeding.The rest of the table has a couple care bears,coloring books,this months cooking light mag.and a new seed catalog.


Ahhh Dani, you really need a blog. Oh yes. ;) Every time I see your comment here or at FC's, I think to myself, "that girl needs a blog, oh yes."

And y'all are so normal with your dining room table treatment. whew! All in fairness to the clean freaks, I do clean it up when company comes. Or sometimes I get two big shopping bags, a long arm, and sweep it all into the bags for unexpected company.

But I ain't taking a photo of it. Janet, what ARE you thinking... (g)!!


LOL.I was saying that to myself at 3am when the frogs were going WONK,Woooonnnkkk,Wonk,WOOONNNkkk...Look at me I'm such a handsome froggy.


Yes, yes!
Dani needs a blog!


I got tired of looking at my stack of bills so I did something about it. I went electronic with 98% of them. Now I get them when I check my email. Makes it mucho easier to pay them and is the "green" way to go. It also makes them much easier to ignore!


Dani, see? there's a story in there somewhere!

FC, yup, yes she does...

Swampie, I pay most of mine online also, but there's a bunch of 'em that I still have to write by check. I'm also organizing the last of the income tax receipts for 2007, double ugh!

Old Horsetail Snake

I know all about the mountains kids can make of their clothes. It's really scarilicious.

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