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March 14, 2008


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I do hope you take comfort knowing that I didn't sign up with Goodreads because, well, I don't read. You're probably doing little circles around me inside of their big circles. I am in the center wearing a dunce cap. Does CNN count? :P


I said the same thing when I joined up as your friend and I saw every one's profile!!Too bad kids books don't count.


I got your invite and it sounds like fun ... but $119.95 for position???????? I thought you were more expensive than that! If I'd only known! ;)
Funny, but as I was going through some journals that had been filed away for a decade I ran across a "books read" list and I was floored at how many were there. I wish I could remember them in detail, but, alas, my hard drive seems to be full.


I was asked to join that by someone else, but I simply don't have time for it. I read, and I always will, but it has to stop at that. LOL

Old Horsetail Snake

People Up North ain't so dumb. They know all about that wind (tornados) you folks get, and everybody (except you, of course) richly deserves.


Whoa, easy Hoss. Nobody deserves that kind of wind!!

Judy, I hear ya... :)

Seamus...ahem. *thwap!* LOL

Dani, I know... I remember wondering being so tired when I read to the kids at night, that I'd fall asleep while reading sometimes. LOL.

Leanne, CNN counts, but not for the Goodfellas! (and it's not a problem at all.. ) :)


I joined because of you! So there! And unfortunately, I have one of those memories that remembers every good book ever read (usually because they've been read more than once!)

AND, since my circle of friends has grown, what THEY read reminds me of stuff I'd forgotten, too.

Thanks for this site, is FANTASTIC!

(and I like the palm!)

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