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March 01, 2008


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I knew yours would be entertaining and you didn't disappoint! Great stuff, and funny too. I am on my way to finish mine up. Thanks for the great meme.


Great signs, Laura! Love all them but the sign "Keep off Rocks" with the heron behind it and "Don't Feed the Animals" are just amazing signs! Wonderful photos, too!

I am so glad to join this Meme, Laura! Thank you so much for the invite! Now, I am going to visiting other blogs.


LMAO at the "no martini/animal" sign. Excellent finds!


hahaha the poor animals can't have martinis, so sad! You gave me some great ideas for next time :-)

Mine's up!


What a great meme! LOVE your signs!

But I don't have mine up yet... you'll have to pull my name, sorry.

I'll link to you when I finally do it...! :)

OldOldLady Of The Hillsl

Oh I LOVE these! The one with the Heron is wonderful, and the Don'y Feed The Anilals....a Martini Glass...LOL...Who do you suppose thought that one up??
ALL of them are great! Love that very last one, too....FREEDOM, ain't it the truth! Thanks Laura...This is such a great idea...I am enjoying visiting the different people, very much!


I love the #113 fine - it's priceless!

I thought I didn't have anything for you, but I've just remembered one I can use next time. Let me know when you're doing it again, okay?


When I was in England, I drove past this sign posted on a country road, but unfortunately I didn't stop to get a photo.


me & my puppies

Hi Laura, Found my way here through Fond of Snape. I, too, have an interest in signs and have photographed several. Great idea for a meme. I just posted mine.


I found about the photo challenge via Fond of Snape, also. I've got a photo that may interest you. I took it last year south of Tallahassee, Florida in Wakulla County, FL and can been seen at

Linda/RV Vagabonds

Loved the signs but loved your captions more, especially the one about not giving birds martinis. Thanks for the meme--it was fun!


Hi Laura, thanks for your visiting!

The E means "Estacionar" in Portuguese, that means in English, "Park". E with the red line on it means "Proibido Estacionar", that means in English "Forbid to Park" or "No Park".

I updated the legend of the sign's fence, now I wrote "Beware Anti-Social Dog". It's better than "Warning".


I really adore the last picture with the "FREEDOM" boat in Clearwater. It makes me miss going to the beaches in Clearwater so much. Thank you for always sharing the most amazing photographs.

Bucky Four-Eyes

I sure hope the ban on martinis doesn't extend to domesticated animals...otherwise, the drunken cats and I are in an awful lot of trouble.

To be on the safe side, I'll just give them margaritas from now one.

Bucky Four-Eyes

...or from now ON.

(It's okay...we're a little illiterate in Michigan.)


Sorry the dog ate my homework on this one!


Hi, this is a coincidence, but I was just going to start posting one of my "sign photos" and saw that you wanted to start doing pretty much the same thing on a regular basis. You can add me to the list:

I think you have my posting name and site url above, but the address is:

By the way, yours are great! I like the "Keep Off" shot.

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