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March 20, 2008


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Not only are the bureaucraps not going to curb the junk mail that fills our mailboxes, but they have to add to the pile!

Oh! Nothing like projectile vomiting to get your attention - good thing it was only Similac!


the only thing worse than a cigarette being tossed out of a car is when it ends up in your car. That's happened to me, not once, but TWICE...on the HIGHWAY. Imagine driving at 65+ MPH, minding your own business with your 4-65 AC crankin' (for those that don't understand: 4 windows down, drivin' 65 MPH for the cooling effect!)...and the idiot in front of you lobs his flaming butt (pun totally intended here!) out the window. Before you can react, it has been sucked in by sheer force...and YOU have to pull over, going 65-0 in less than 2 seconds flat - withOUT causing an accident, to dig out someone's nasty soggy-lipped filter and burning tip which is smoldering SOMEWHERE in your car....ick.

Almost as icky as baby vomit on you!


I love hearing the stories of you and your grandbaby! You're adorable!

Have a lovely Easter ;) ;)


hahaha, hahaha, and jesus!


No....Wait a minute. Did Nils say Grandbaby?
You have a daughter in college and another in high school, right?
Did I miss something in the Archives?

I do remember baby puke. My first son earned master status in that activity.

Lit cigarette out the window = dumb


I just knew you were going to say the baby just kicked you right in the stomach and you threw up. Some of those baby kicks can be tough...or head butts. I remember those well! lol. Love this post, too true and too funny! Have a nice Easter break.


Mrs. DoF, No, I don't have a grandbaby. She is the daughter of Samantha's boyfriend.

Linda, that's just one more reason I can't stand flaming buttheads! Good thing you didn't have an accident, too.

Old Horsetail Snake

But they CAN learn new words, right?


Whew, the green tinge of jealousy was about to raise up and clobber me.
When folks ask if I have any grans yet, I tell 'em that all my sons are still getting educated to be able to support some.

I'm like you, so I borrow one now and then.


LOL Mrs.DoF. That's the best way! Cheaper, too. ;)

Hoss, well Shoot, sure they can... ;)

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