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March 18, 2008


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Maybe if you hadn't run off the egret then it might have eaten the grub worm. Just sayin'. ;)




LOL, Seamus! You could be right. Why is the egret's neck so skinny? Is it just the angle, or is it really that thin?

me & my puppies

Egrets like the Great Blue Heron are among my favorites. I've been looking at the refuge but haven't seen any here. They'll be back when the weather warms.


Just gorgeous! You make a common cattle egret look elegant! :)


I think your second bird is a Common Egret not a cattle egret.
If I were a betting guy...

The ID hardly matters when you have such a neat shot showing each and every feather.


pah, Seamus. It would be nice if he'd actually go after the grub worms! LOL.

And you all are right, it is a common egret. I don't know what I was thinking.

Judy, his neck is long and thin from where the last pond owner got ahold of him and tried to strangle him.

Pups, the GBH is common around here also. A gorgeous bird, when they're not eating my fish. Look forward to seeing your photos of them when the weather warms up again.


What beautiful birds! And I was just excited earlier that a mama duck and 3 babies hit our pond. They aren't as pretty as the Egret, but they are sweet. I was catching up on all your fun posts, that baby was too precious.

OldOldLady Of The Hillsl

They are indeed, Beautiful Elegant Birds! I love them....And these are really WONDERFUL pictures, too!

To answer your question: Yes, Tom Ritter is John Ritter's brother. He has Cerebral Palsey and Phillip and Jane Abbott's youngest son Nelson has Cerebral Palset....We made the 24th Anniversary for Theatre West a joint Fund Raiser for TW and United Cebral Palsey....Tom was part of our Special Committee for this Event.

Carroll O'Connor was a l-o-n-g time member of Theatre West, and always kept up his membership even though it was not as easy for him to participate as his professional life expanded....But, he would come back occassionally and I worked with him on a number of projects....The very first was a three-one act play he wrote back in 1964.....I produced it back then for Theatre West....Carroll was a wonderful writer as well as a wonderful actor.....! And his roots were always in the Theatre. He always considered himself a very lucky actor....

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