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April 29, 2008


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I'll remember that about Bougainvillea...I have always thought it was pretty...but now I know better. OF course, it might be good to have...a nice place to send the kids for punishment....

nice garden. I miss gardening...sigh.


we have some nice fencing you can have.50 feet of it. with posts it is green and small spaces between each fence. bought it to keep Paddy in but she thought it was there for her to climb over and get out. So we took it down.
I love bougainvillas, but wish I had not bought the last vine. The one we had in the palm trees fell after the first hurricane and tore our hands and legs up trying to cut it out. Dumb of me to buy another. but the flowers are so purty.


Beautiful Bougainvillea! And I love the garden... wish I could do that!

Think if I plant bougainvillea along my fence line I'd never see my neighbors again? I'm willing to try... ;)


but Bougainvillea is soooooooo pretty!

old horsetail snake

Thanks for the fine tour of the garden, Laura. You are Ms. Green Thumb personified.


Goes to show how much I go in the backyard.
I don't even remember you cutting that mess out.
Well it looks nice even though that was all the way back in February.

Sugar Britches

Can I come live in your garden? Just a small tent and a coffee pot is all I need.


I've always loved bougainvillea, but I didn't know it was that invasive. We only have it in pots up here, of course.


(that's because every time we work out there, Brittany finds a way to make herself virtually invisible. ;)

Judy, Does it die back in the winter and come back again in the spring, or is it an annual up there?

SugarBritches, trust me on this one... you might want to wait a while before you bring the coffee pot and lawn chair. Right now, the lawn itself is a nightmare and the pool area could be categorized as urban blight! Soon as we fix it up though, bring the coffee! I'll get the pastries. Or margaritas, if it comes to that! (g)

Hoss, pull up a chair, I'll swap stories with ya.. (g)

Thanks Janet. In full bloom, it's just gorgeous.

Pam, it can be an effective neighborly deterrent measure, sure ... LOL

MOm, I'll take the fence when we come. I can use it in other parts of the yard, I think.

Linda, Mine is just overgrown because I rarely prune it. If I pruned a little more often, it might be more manageable to deal with. However, I really think I get more prolific blooming because I rarely cut it back.


"Rick was all a-tither because I used his electrical wire cutters instead of his regular wire cutters, but good grief! The electrical cutters were so much sharper and much easier to use."

Not any more.


Dang girl..I had a little bitty one in a pot one time and managed to kill it. That's a monster!

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