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April 25, 2008


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That last picture is the best. Truly. It looks like he's smiling...

Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

Further evidence of abuse. That stick was a legitimate perk of my position, and to try and wrestle it away from me was unconscionable. If it hadn't been so warm and cozy in that spot, I would have promptly gone in and expressed my outrage on a suitable indoor surface.


Excellent Rico-say! Funny how possessive they become to the very thing we consider to be superfluous. :)


I know just how he feels! I'm about to go onto my deck and take a nap in the sun. It will be good for my cold.


awwww, that brought a tear to my eye! How sweet :)


How sweet!!!! Love the Rico story and the photos are gorgeous! :D


Awwww...sweetness that is Rico! We saw a stray kitty recently that looks a lot like Rico...does he have relatives in Kansas?


It is so relaxing to watch a cat sleep. Very good pictures; nice how the cat blends in with the pine bark.

me & my puppies

Oh, that's great, wonderful photos. Do you think he would mind if I joined him for a nap in the warmth of the sunshine? He can even keep HIS stick, I'll find my own! What a precious boy.


Finally!! lol.
i love these pics. :)

old horsetail snake

Is this the first time that your garden has played second fiddle to a pile of blubber?

Linda/RV Vagabonds

Hmm, dig grubs/play with cat. Dig grubs/play with cat. Kind of a no-brainer choice, me thinks. I agree with CircusKelli--Rico looks like he's smiling while enjoying his sweet kitty-dreams. Great pix.


Awwwww!!! Rico is too damn cute. Love the pics, but I am still curious to see how your garden is growing. Mine is doing ok so far. I'm surprised as everyone is telling me I planted the wrong things for this time of year. Oh well!


Those are precious Laura!


I'm joining me and my puppies for that nap.The finishing of the GIGANTIC chicken house has me whipped.And Lordy,it does look like Rico is smiling in that last pic.Great photos,Laura.


I'm confused ... is Rico the New Improved method of combatting armadillos?
Great photo sequence of an obvious aristocat.


He's so cute...

By the way its been 3 days and still no pictures of the garden.. Emphasis on the still!


That is truly a warm and fuzzy cat tale!

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