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April 04, 2008


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wasn't me was it? I think you've come to comment before....I don't think I have my settings to blogger only....


I come across that every now and then on the Friday Fill-Ins!


I know- it makes it tough on us Typepad folk!


In my experience it's less an effort of spam reduction so much as an attempt at troll control. Blogger doesn't have anything between requiring an account and full open anonymous with additional effort. It's amazing what just a tiny little bit of required effort and the hint of accountability does to keep most discussions at least near civil. At least with Wordpress and Typepad you have to type out something, even Anonymous and fake an email address. Blogger defaults to a radio button selecting Anonymous, so in many discussions you don't even have much idea how many people hide behind the plethora of comments from Anonymous. Just one explanation for what it's worth.


Y'all, I hopped over to Linda's site to let her know that... no, it's not her. ;)

Good point, WP. Most of the blogger comment windows offer several options for leaving a name if one doesn't have a google/blogger account. These include the Open ID, Name/URL or Anonymous options.
I'm not sure if that is part of the blogger format or if it's a haloscan setup.
However, it makes their blog a lot more accessible to a wider range of people. And that's what blogging's all about.
There are certain blogger sites that I bug people, leave comments on, that I wouldn't be able to use if it wasn't for those options.
And you're right, it does take extra effort to battle the trolls.
But it's an effort I'm willing to take!


There are only a few things that make me "X" right out of a site and never go back. One is that whole blogger account thing, another is that comments are OFF just because "they get so many", and the other is that captchya image. If I don't get the thing on the first try, I generally don't even go back to the site. I've X'd out of some typepad blogs because the captchya comes up on the page that loads after I hit "post" on my comment, and it's totally annoying.

I have mine set up so that after a commenter is approved the first time, they're always approved unless there are multiple links in the comment. Those are default WP settings. My spam filter is on the back end (akismet) so my guests don't have to dink with that - it's MY problem. kwim?

So... in other words, I hear ya. ;)


It's been awhile since I blogged with Blogger but back then the only way to offer the other options was to also offer the radio button anonymous option, no happy medium. If it's still that way, it would be nice if Blogger would update offer the choice to disallow the no-brainer Anonymous from the selections while still offering the no-account fillable forms.


You know, Leanne, you raise a good point about the approval process in commenting. I'm not sure if commenters have a hard time leaving a comment on my own site via Typepad's format.

If so, I'd like to know!!
I rarely use the Typekey option to sign in when commenting on other typepad blogs, even though I'm a paid subscriber.

And the CAPTCHA option needs to find it's own place in the blogosphere burial grounds.

WP, I hear ya also. I also had an account with Blogger for about 2 months before switching to Typepad. Back in 2003, blogger didn't allow a lot of the free options that are standard now.
BTW, are you still blogging these days?


Not so much anymore, barely have enough time to read and discuss/comment lately.

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