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April 10, 2008


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Good Luck guys! Pullin' for you in Tejas!

I've had to do the Springfield to Dayton Airport in the driving snow more than once and I know just what you mean about signage!!!!


Good luck!

What's wrong with your camera? Couldn't you take off the lens and show them you don't have any bombs in there?

me & my puppies

keeping our fingers (& paws) crossed for your girls.


All fingers are crossed for her and her team!
That sleepy picture is just too cute.
Safe travels and victory wishes to you all.

Sugar Britches

Winter Guard is its own activity isn't it? I love the guard during marching season, but the stuff they pull out in a gymnasium is unlike anything I've seen. You add the percussion in on it and it's a treat for all of the senses.

...I love high school gyms anyway.


Good Luck!


Still sending out "Good Luck" vibes! But whatever happens, it sounds like you're having a memorable time. Well deserved, I might add.


Hope they win. Brittney deserves it. She has always been a great young lady. Grandpa and I wish her and her team the very best.


Hope they win. Brittney deserves it. She has always been a great young lady. Grandpa and I wish her and her team the very best.

Linda/RV Vagabonds

Hope Brittney and her team ended up in first place. As a native Daytonian, I guess I don't pay much attention to signs along I-75, but actually leaving the airport you would have been eastbound on I-70 needing to make that big sweeping right turn onto southbound I-75. But that sign does sneak up on you.

We Buckeyes are a friendly bunch, although you might see the worst of us when we come to visit Florida(or rather move down en masse) during the winter. And what is this "walking" to which you refer???????


First you mentioned the nasty weather, then you say something about nobody going walking? I would think the one has much to do with the other.

I agree about the road signs. It's the same thing near the St. Louis airport.

Crossing my fingers for your girlie and her team.
This is an experience going straight into long-term memory.


Breathlessly waiting for an update ...

Old Horsetail Snake

About the camera: Some people have rules just to be having rules. They make no sense, but there they are, by God!

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