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April 03, 2008


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Old Horsetail Snake

Rabbit Fricassee, what else?

Nice "tail," Laura.


You are being given presents! Dead ugly presents, but in their world they are proudly presenting you great presents. We find dead rats by the front door or the back door and a proud cat watching. But a rabbit by the stove? ugh. Poor bunny. Someone's pet escaped?

me & my puppies

It must be that time of the year. My Orlando brought me some venison. I just posted his story prior to heading over here.


Love that teamwork!!!

Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

Honestly. You do and do and do for people, and this is the thanks you get. The entire membership of our local worked hard on this peace offering after the ugliness of this winter's deteriorating relationship with management. Zoey found and killed the intruder, I presented it to the cook for preparation, and Percy ... well, OK, Percy slept, but had he been awake he would have pitched in.

We all but gift-wrapped it, believing at last there was the opportunity for civil discourse with these humans, and what happens? The young one screams in horror (evidently she's accustomed to more hearty fare) the older male smirks, and the primary human turns up her nose in disgust.

From now on, we're going to just eat these things without sharing. It's much nicer if it's prepared, of course - there is less vomiting later, for one thing. But since management seems unconcerned, we'll forego future gifts.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling very insulted and feel the need to return the indignity.

Let us spray.


There are still rabbits in Concrete County?


So they work together as a team? Mine amaze me that they will chew the head off a bird they find stunned in the yard from hitting a window yet they turn their noses up to certain catfoods as well. And I most hate it when they suddenly start hating their favorites that the pantry is stocked with. I know they do it on purpose.


Dani and Deanna, I honestly don't think they're working together as a team as much as it was that Zoey simply couldn't figure out how to get the rabbit through the doggy door, so he left it outside. Rico must have found it out there, and for some reason, brought it back in again. But I find it amusing where he chose to put it!!

FC, we have them all over the neighborhood. Everywhere! I believe it's because there are several excellent parks nearby and two of them span several hundred acres. (Good hunting grounds for the hawks and Ospreys, too). We also have more sea birds in our neighborhood than I've seen in most nature areas of Florida. Ain't that a kick?

Rico Suave, you're walking on thin ice these days. The spraying is about to get you adopted out with a fine family out at a nearby farm.
And that's putting it politely. Please alert your entourage that you'll soon be running the show as a farm cat out in Newberry.

Pups, and a fine hunting dog Orlando would be...not that I like to hunt, but I can see it in him! :)

Mom, I think it was a wild one. too many rabbits around the neighborhood, plus the giant lot across the street where they live as well.

Hoss, Rabbit Fricassee, LOL!


All I get is freakin' HAIRBALLS and dingleberries. I must be doing something wrong. I feel like Charlie "I got a rock" Brown.

Great. Now I have a complex. Thanks, Laura.


Teamwork...I love it!

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