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April 05, 2008


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Believe it or not, I've never had much luck getting hibiscus to grow in my yard. They are so pretty though, and come in so many different varieties! Bugs are living in every flower in my yard...plumeria, daisies, etc. I don't ever cut them and put them in a vase. Learned my lesson a long time ago! (Oh, and alamanda close up at night, too)

Today I planted my rainbow eucalyptus. I am so psyched about it!! I'll post some pics when it starts to get some color on it's trunk.

Old Horsetail Snake

They ARE beautiful. I'm glad it's you who has them, and not me, now that I know all about the bugs, sun, shade, etc. You do nice work: Plant, and hose.


I have to grow them in pots, Laura. They won't do well in the ground up here. I used to have 2-3 of them on my deck all summer and I'd bring them in the house for the winter. Believe it or not I kept one of them for 4 years that way.

They sure do bring the hummingbirds around!


I had hibiscus. They were beautiful. They hate my zone and apparently are just annuals around these parts unless you bring them inside - and who wants ants in the house?


There's a house that I go by every so often just to see their hibiscus. It's like a silver/gray color on the outside part and a deep maroon on the inside. So pretty,I wish I could catch the owner out and see if I could have a cutting.


Our zoo has them in many favorite is the dinner plate hibiscus. I'd not seen one before I got here. I had to take a picture of my daughter standing next to was as big as her head!


You are right about the ants. Apparently, its the aphids that attract the ants, so if you can control the aphids you'll have less problems with ants. Never plant them near the house or other structures. Here in Sarasota, they do lose their leaves when we get the inevitable cold snap in winter.
They are pretty though and your pictures are beautiful!


I never noticed the ants, but that may be due to the fact that my hibiscus live underground. They freeze back every winter, struggle to emerge all summer, and then wham!... freeze back down to the roots again.

I hear they are a pretty flower tho.


Hibiscus are easy to grow. Don't care for a lot of water. For ants, mix some dish soap with water and spray the plants. easy and it works .


S.A. I've had mixed success with different varieties of hibsicus, and recently lost one that I planted near an outdoor faucet, thinking the water dripping off it would help. Guess not. Really have to read the label before buying. The two I've planted that grew well were low-water varieties. I also have two existing hibsicus that the previous owners planted, and they don't seem to need much water at all. They do seem to be rather fickle the first few years of their lives!

Thanks Hoss. ;)

Leanne and Judy, I can see why you'd resort to pots! It's too cold for them up there for ground planting.

Linda, I'd like to see a pic of that! I've never seen the giant varieties.

Sara (and welcome, btw!) We've been lucky with the cold snaps. Mine are planted along a privacy fence and I think that helps sheild them from the cold snaps. I've never covered them up or lost leaves in the winter. Yet. ;)
There is one growing along side the house near the front door that the previous owners planted, and it's over 20 yrs old. It gets a lot of blooms so I've just left it there. But normally, I wouldn't advice planting them near the house, either.

Mom, certain varieties need more water than others. I've lost a few for that reason. I used to give rosey messina the flowers from our plants when I was a kid and she'd tell me not to because of all the ants. LOL


Dani, I haven't seen them in silver! that must be beautiful. You never know, they just might be happy to give you a cutting. Have your daughter give them a big smile, that usually works... (g)

FC, I couldn't get mine to grow, up in G'ville. The freezes would always sap the life out of 'em. LOL.
Maybe too cold for the ants?


I have a huge coral one that lives indoors by the big windows all year. Too cold in the winter for it to survive and it is so big it is happier to not move. The only thing with that one is that I could never get in bunchy. I cut it and cut it and it just wants to be super tall and skinny so I left it alone. A friend of mine in Florida was actually who taught me to care for it properly and make sure it got enough iron. It was from my papa's funeral so I never wanted anything to happen to it.
Then we have one the color like yours that lives in our bedroom in the winter and on the patio in the summer where it is very happy and blooms all season.

But we have a variety of hibiscus up here that isn't as pretty but grows all year. It is a bigger white and pink flower and isn't as green in the foilage. I had some in my rock beds and the deer ate them to nubs. I had no idea they'd even do that!

BTW- my new Macro lens was the Canon EF 100mm 2.8. I am really wanting the 100-400mm L IS LENS and I just couldn't do both Ls this year. I researched it heavily and it was Canon's second best but best for Macro beginners so that worked for me. I am still so clueless wiht that lens!


You are so right about them in Miami; they grow wild like weeds! We had a fence line full in Pinecrest; never had to do ANYthing to them, but up here in Broward they won't grow for me without succumbing to bugs. So I don't have 'em.

My avocado trees are eaten up with something and look nasty, so I'm about to rip 'em up. If you can't survive in my yard on your own, you don't belong! ;)


Our hibiscus have been on a real roller coaster! Maybe they'll be happier this year>

me & my puppies

I have a beautiful red hibiscus plant in my yard. However, it dies off in the winter, comes to life midspring only to show off it's gorgeous flowers in summer.


Someday I am going to have a plethora of hibiscus in all of the fancy colors! LOL, I've had two and we outgrew them (containers) and now they went to a friend.

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