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April 13, 2008


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I love that wild and wooly white one!!


City girl. You know what we call each and every one of those?



Ohmygod! Chickens scare the dickens out of me. My brother raises show chickens, and he has dozens and dozens of them and he always wants me to hold one. But I won't. They'll peck your eyes out. That's a fact..I'm pretty sure.


Silky chickens are so funny lookin'!! They are John's favorite. I ordered him a buff, but they ended up giving us a substitute since the little hens weren't laying real well.Poor guy.


I had Rhode Island reds when I was a girl. they were tame and loved to follow me around. They laid eggs, but I was sure we could not eat them because they did not come from a store! I think my mom sneaked the eggs into the egg carton and thus they were suitable for eating. They make nice pets. Problems arise when mean parents want to butcher the poor innocent creatures to eat for dinner.


Love the bokeh on the second one...looks like a scary bunny face!


Judy, I was trying to get up the nerve to get closer to him for a better shot. But the other roosters kept running at me and I lost my nerve!

Nils, As a city type, I try to separate those two visuals. Chickens come from the grocery store, you know... not down at the farm!

Sandy, you should have seen Tilly. Boy howdee!
She was either a tad hungry or a tad pssed!

Dani, I'm still getting a kick out of your little "farm" in the city. LOL!

Mom, these were not tame at all. they were hungry and followed us only so they could eat us.

Janet! I can learn so much from you. Bokeh, indeed. I'm mastering this photography thing by the seat of my pants.


Neat pollos.
Glad you all made it home safely.

My roosters would love it there ... it's like chick city!


I fell in the feed bucket at my uncle's house once...they had chickens, and the chickens came after me because I was covered in chicken feed. Scared the bejesus out of me.

I think that fuzzy one is called a Silky (silkie?)....


I grew up on a farm and we had scads of the stupid, dirty things. They'd run to their death after you if you were carrying a feed bucket!

You've managed the tough task of making them look pretty, though. ;)

Mrs. G.

My two biggest fears? Chickens and swans. You are a brave woman.

Old Horsetail Snake

Nice and plump. Too bad nobody has figured out how to make them tender. Or are they still doing capon?


Hmm... suddenly, I have a huge craving for KFC.


YOU...Ms. Sassy Brass...were chased by a chicken???? *shakes head* ;)


I love all those chickens. What pretty colors. I have wanted a black and white one for here but Martin has refused. We have to have the ones that fly or they will be eaten since ours just go free range and I am thinking those don't do so well getting too far off the ground. But they are so cute.


LOVE the chickens! My grandparents always had chickens, and I did for a while when I was a young bride, that is until our German Shepherd got a'hold of them ;~)


Our rooster is a silky, and he's as docile as he can be. Great bird, though a little ugly to my eyes. I am more a traditionalist in form for my chickens, preferring wyandottes, reds, rocks, brahmas and the like.

For a second there, I thought those were YOUR birds, Laura. I was like - what? did I miss something?

I do encourage keeping chickens, though - even just a few. And with egg prices up over thirty percent, they almost pay for themselves. Factor in the free compost (manure and bedding) and you're really in business!

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