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May 23, 2008


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Man I wish you could send some of that heat this way. It's rainy, dreary, and chilly here in Indy.


Sure thing, Goldbloom. That kind of weather is depressing!


Wow, new themey stuff! Cool...

It's RAINING here! Yep, I'm pretty gleeful. If that's a word. Even if it's not.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Linda hubby's gone this weekend (to Chicago) so I'm not doing much...driving an hour east to Topeka to go find summer sandals for my daughter...and hit the closest Chick-fil-A, and get a tasty treat at Spangles...and maybe a more comfortable neckstrap for my camera....


I screwed up the theme, Pam, LOL. Back to basic white until I have more time to tweak it. Rick is sitting a few feet away, WAITING for me to get done so we can go eat.
I like the wider columns, however. and less clutter on the sidebars.

Gleeful<--- how I'll feel when this is finished. I still have more work to do. maybe I should let YOU do it. ;)

Linda, An HOUR to find summer sandles????
I love chick-fil-A. especially their polynesian sauce with nuggets. yummm.


I'm putting my garden in LOL! You'll be eating fish tomatoes long before mine are ripe!


I think my plants will be long gone by then, Janet. They don't do so well in July and August, sooooooooo, I'll come visit you instead. You know, for the tomatoes. :)


Good Lord are you right. Last week, I walked out in it was 97 deg. The weather site said 91% humidity. They were lying. It had to be more. I don't ever remember it ever being so miserably hot SO early, do you? Ack!

But we are now getting rain, 3rd day straight, and I'm happy. Good grief has it been hot though... its making me nervous for summer.

Mrs. G.

Send some of that heat my way-it's 43 degrees right now.


I am unmoved by your bleatings about the heat. Until today, it's been two solid weeks of grey, miserable, cold. Since it's not a holiday weekend here in the frozen north, I have only Sunday to snatch a golf game out of the warm(er) weather (all the way to 60 degrees - woohoo! We're having a heeeeaaaatwave!).


We've got some tomatoes that should be ripening soon on the patio. The others have tiny balls of green but they will be a bit longer. It is hot here today. We played down at the pond for 3 hours and I am cooked! I didn't realize how much sun I was getting until it was too late.

I LOVE the hibiscus image below. WOW...that is really pretty and sharp.


I'm staying close to home and resting my old smart ass.


Delightful here ... of course we have trees and dirt.
My weekend was one of unrelenting yardwork.


Hey!!! Just catching up here. Glad to hear you got a break from the heat! It's teasing us with rain today - much needed rain - so different than last year.
Loved the "feet" post and your woodpeckers are doing the same as ours, trying to nest in the power pole - ya just have to wonder what's in their little pecker brains LOL!

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