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May 03, 2008


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What wonderful photos of Rico! A great pond inspector he makes too. I feel so sorry for the dog you mentioned below. I hope someone can give him the life he deserves. No animal or human should be born only to suffer. It breaks my heart.

And your MAN pics below, I just sighed in relief that we are only doing outdoor additions this year. I am so glad to be rid of indoor construction!


Rico makes a great pond inspector and security head. What exactly would he do to intruders...?? :D

Have fun on the boat! We never go out since Arthur found a new obsession. ;)

me & my puppies

Life isn't easy for anyone in Tampa!! boating, sitting by the pond and having your ears scratched... perhaps I need to move there!

Rico Suave, Local 459, International Brotherhood of Felines

I assume I will get the appropriate raise as guaranteed by the last contract. But if you think you can buy my silence on the mistreatment of my brethren with a simple promotion, think again.

old horsetail snake

I thought cats always got their way. Too bad, bozo.


Enjoy the island!
Buddy is just too cute.


Beautiful pics, and your cat is ADORABLE! Hope you had fun at the party.


I love Rico. Just sayin' :-)

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