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May 15, 2008


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LOL..... you are not the first person I've read lately who has said that insurance in FL is scary! I can't believe a pelican thought a woman was a fish! Get him some glasses.


who's Oliver and where did he go that he had to come back? Pretty dog!

OMG, pelicans and alligators and bears, oh my!


How big of a fish to pelicans usually eat? Jeez! Maybe he was starving.


Love the dog pictures. I'm always amazed at the talent people have when it comes to photography. I hope you have a nice restful weekend.


yes, insurance creatures are the worst!


Attacked by a pelican? Maybe the East Coast isn't as bad as Bossy thought.

old horsetail snake

I used to wanna live in Florida until I started reading b**gs from there (like yours). Of course you don't want to live in Oregon, either, because we got pelicans, too!


LOL, I hadn't heard about the pelican incident! Crazy, but then again, that's what Florida is - Crazy.

You'd think all our weird crap would drive people away in droves. Hurricanes, gators, bears, pelicans, snakes, pythons, outrageous home prices and outrageous insurance costs. But they just keep coming. WHY? Seriously...there are other places out there just as "nice" as Florida, even nicer! So why do they keep coming???

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