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May 29, 2008


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Yer 'maters are bigger than my 'maters!!!




Looking great!


I absolutely love garden tomatoes! And your maters are definitely MUCH bigger than my maters...great now I have mater envy.


You know how the camera adds 10 lbs?
Well, it makes tomatoes look larger, also! The photo is just a macro, so they look a lot larger than they are. ;)

Really, they're about the size of ping pong balls at this stage!


Just found your blog. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


Oh, boy! I wish they were mine!


Beautiful and crisp enough to taste! I have never had any luck at all with green peppers and finally gave up. They are so expensive I thought surely I could grow my own!

The possum below- those things creep me out. That hissing and those teeth, they are mean. My parents had one pestering their back patio when I moved home after college. I smoked then but couldn't in their house so I would go outside. That possum would not run if I came out and I would have to stand there in the door having a nicotene fit held hostage by a possum!


Just been caching up on your posts and your veggies are looking so yummy. Hope that bunny finds a good hiding place.

Sugar Britches

MMMM...fried green tomatoes. I think I'll heat up the grease right now!

old horsetail snake

My columbine is bigger than your columbine!!

(P.S. No it isn't.)


Good lookin' produce gal!

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