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May 02, 2008


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Thanks so much, Laura! A North Carolina rescue group emailed and I put them in touch with the coordinator in Houston... hope it works out... but they currently have 90 adoptable dogs in their rescue! Like I said... hoping it works out!

Thanks again! :D

old horsetail snake

This has all the makings of a sad case. Sadder, that is, than it already is.


god DAMN it, I'd like to string up that dog's owner and do the same thing to him. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!


Janet, I felt much the same way. I hope there's a special place in prison for the s.o.b.

Curt Labotz

Bolo is in his forever home with me in North Carolina . He is now living easy inside in the air conditioning sleeping on the sofa during the day and on the bed in the evening. He loves going for rides and goes with me everywhere on the weekends Absolutely friendly and trusting of everyone. A great dog worthy of everyones efforts. Two people who went way beyond the call to help Bolo was Jeff Shaver who over saw Bolo's care and kept him alive in Houston and drove 600 + miles to hand him to Mary Alice Noble who drove the other 600 + miles to get him close to me. Jeff also donted the funds to treat Bolo's heartworm

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