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May 27, 2008


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they do look scary, possums!


The possums themselves look mundane enough; those teeth will drain the blood from my face, though.

If we're sharing wildlife pictures I could probably get a quick one of the canal rats... No? Just a thought... LOL!


not a chance, Pam. rat pics are worse than spiders!

Their teeth are, Janet! ugh


I definitely prefer the bunny!

Kathy/lessons from the laundry

We also have three cats, so most of the wildlife I see in my yard is no longer so wild. Although last week one cat brought a live chipmunk in the house - I was wild. Thanks for the wildlife lesson this morning!


Those possums do come preloaded with nice dentation.
Trash cans are a magnet for the little buggers here too.
Neat bunny. I hope he's fast. I guess the armadillo garden defense might keep him out too?


Those guys do come with BIG SCARY TEETH ... and an attitude!

Cute bunny, has it found your lettuce yet? ;)


Seamus, he hasn't found the garden yet (as far as I know). If he gets into the tomatoes, he's gonna be rabbit stew!

FC, he has the run of the neighborhood and I've seen him slipping underneath the fence and runninng out of the yard that way. Wild rabbits are common around here. I'm hoping word doesn't spread that I've got the garden, or they'll all start coming!

Kathy, a live chipmunk? ohhhh, that's just plain sad. They're very cute lil guys. My cats would understand, however. :)

Kenju, he is cute, but I wish he'd find another yard to visit. I have a feeling he won't last long over here. :(


years ago, when we lived in South Miami there was a freeze one night. the next morning you came in to tell me there was a dead possum in the back yard. I checked, sure enough he looked dead. We went to get the shovel to dig a nice hole in which to bury him. When we got back it was gone. Guess it was playing possum.
Our beagle liked to chase the possum that lived in this area. Always worried us. Don't know where it came from or where it goes. do you think it is the same possum that was in our yard in So. Miami. LoL

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