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May 01, 2008


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We recently had that happen here in KS...the teacher and kid were caught in her car at a state park/reservoir. In the middle of the DAY...when they BOTH should have been at school.

She resigned her position...then "un-resigned"...then, after her arraignment, re-resigned. Crazy.

I remember thinking one of the teachers we had, a younger man, was GORGEOUS...(looking back....not so much, lol) and many of the girls in my school thought so too. They THREW themselves at him. But he was never interested. And he was a REALLY good guy, too...he even gave me a ride to early morning play practice in his old VW bug (I think I would have rather walked, he had NO heat, and it was the dead of winter, lol...lesser of two evils was that WALKING a few miles was tough). But he never once tried anything.

I think one of the biggest things is that 20-30 years ago, we weren't as exposed to sex...nudity was a HUGE no-no on TV, etc. Yeah, sex is sex and all boys think about it, but our parents raised us to respect those older than us, and we FEARED them. Nowadays, too many parents blame everyone else for their kids' shortcomings, never taking the responsibility upon themselves. They are friends and buddies to their kids, and they teach their kids that it's okay to treat an adult the same way you treat your classmates. So why not hit on the teacher? And the teachers? Well, they're flattered by having the young hot studs thinking "that way" about them. horrible, but true.


I wondered a couple of weeks ago if you'd do this. The Tampa area seems to be overloaded with skanky school employees ... I'm not going to honor them by calling them "teachers".
Teachers care about their charges.
They set the standard and hold themselves separate from the kids.
"You and I are not the same" is something my students here at the beginning of the year. You can be caring and supportive without violating the most sacred trust a parent puts in you, but you need to keep the professional distance.

It means I high 5 the middle school girl who is coming to hug me, my door is always open if a student is in it, and no kid gets a ride home ...even if they need it, etc.
A thousand little things you do to protect yourself from false charges and misinterpretation.
Being ancient has cut down on student crushes, but your ears would burn if you read some of the notes young teachers (even me once) receive from kids.

With porn piped into their homes (yes, they are watching it) and a tremendous drop in actual parenting, kids today say things to teachers that I would never have dreamed of saying outloud when I was in school.
The teacher next to me is 55 and prettier than most of the 20 something teachers here and she gets rude sexual comments from sixth graders!!

It's a sign of a culture that is more and more trashy and unaccountable.


It's not only Tampa. That has happened here in NC at least 10 times over the past 2-3 years. Most of the teachers are blonde bombshells who wouldn't need to prey on teens for sex, they could get it anywhere. I don't get it.


Hi Laura, how are things with you?

This teacher/student sex thing is getting out of hand, and it is all over the country. I just don't understand how an adult can look at a child under 18 and be sexually interested...I just don't get it. When my teenaged daughter has male friends come over I find myself feeling irritated with them because they're soooo immature, and hyper. Maybe that's it, these teachers aren't emotionally mature for one reason or another and they feel more comfortable with the young kids. Whatever the reason, more drastic measures need to be put into play soon so we can stop this disturbing behavior.


Remember about 15 to 20 years ago when there was a big scare about day-care centers subjecting children to Satanic rituals and various forms of bizarre activity? A few people even went to prison for it and some families were completely destroyed by what turned out to be just a media and prosecutorial frenzy. Pretty much none of it ever happened though the base level, if any, is almost impossible to determine.

Probably there has always been some base level of sex between teachers and students. It's very possible that level has not changed but awareness of it has, which is a good thing though unlikely to affect the base level in the long run. Of course Faux News trumpets an "epidemic" of sex between teachers and students, which means punishments will not be measured against harm, only against personal revulsion.

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