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May 19, 2008


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VERY cool pictures! She did a wonderful job! :D


Great pictures!!!


Great shots Britt!
Free the feet!!


This is a great idea for a meme!


wonderful pictures. Never thought of looking at feet before. That is one smart imaginative girl.

Sugar Britches

Laura, those are wonderful! I take my shoes off in May and, short of work, try not to put them back on till fall. I am a true hillbilly!


I'm famous!
Thank you everybody.
I had fun taking the pictures. It was very exciting. :]

manager mom

great photos... naked feet make me so happy. Especially when they're all caked with dirt from running around barefoot...


Thanks y'all. :) Britt's assignment was to photograph a series of body parts and match them up to a theme. She picked the nose and the feet. When I saw the feet series, I just thought it would make a great summer theme.
Although, living in Florida, this is pretty much a year round theme for us! LOL.


such beautiful clean feet!


That first photo almost looks Dali-esque! Awesome!

These feet are better than "summer teeth" know, "sum' are here, sum' are there". :-)

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