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May 02, 2008


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No, no, no...tell Richard you don't need to buy another house to do it all over again. Just come to my house! You can pretend we're on "Trading Spaces" only while you guys remodel my entire house, me and the fam will set up camp in your nice place. Yeah...that'd work!

Let me know when you're ready to swap keys!


Richard is MORE than welcome to come up north and fix my 200 year old house. He'd have a BALL with that!


I was just out in the yard cutting *more* stuff back... I can see why older people move into patio homes...

The truck pictures remind me of the time Arthur took his Harley motor apart bit by bit... and I took photos! :D


Hmmm...I see we both suffer from the same head bobbing "sure honey" disorder.

Sugar Britches

Ugh. Looks like drywall. That is job to hire out at all costs. It can ruin a marriage. foolin'.


LOL Sugar, It ranks right up there with wallpaper, only worse!

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