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May 20, 2008


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I feel your pain Laura. I have the exact same problem with my family, with the exception of my daughter Katira...She does share my love for the arts & animals.


I love being over there. I take my pottery classes there and when I'm taking a break it's fun just to sit and watch the life all around. This was one of the main reasons I started raising caterpillars and native plants. I missed seeing them. Every one wants to spray their yards and have a monoculture!! I'm lucky that my family enjoys most of the same things as I do. But I know when they have the hungry grumpies they tend to not care.


I know people that are like this - who dismiss a beautiful bird that's only here for migration like "oh, that? so?" and it makes me CRAZY. I always point out beautiful things in nature. Especially to the girls. ALWAYS. "Look, girls, see how this stamen is all twisted? Aren't the stripes on this curled up iris petal SO cool? Look at how the ants drink up the little drops of juice developing on the peony buds."

OH yes I do. I do it to everyone. I have to be totally annoying - I'm certain, but my kids see things differently because of it, at least for now. Who knows if they'll keep it up?

You and I would have a blast at that botanical center, though.


Rick is a man. 'Nuff said.

But you raised the girls right, so they'll come full circle to love nature at some point. Hormones have hold of them right now, and you can't blame 'em for that. ;)

I like to walk even through gardening centers! LOL! My black thumb keeps me from growing beautiful things, but I can admire it from afar.

old horsetail snake

I was like that (your husand/daughter) for awhile, and I can't say why. Now I am all hot for the beauteous amongst us, including butters.


Let me just get one thing straight!
I would love to see the grounds and butterflies and "whatnot" but at the time I was tired and wasn't in the mood.
How can you enjoy something when your not in the mood to see it? It's impossible.
So therefore I would rather wait for when I am in the mood and be surprised as to whats there.
Thank you very much.


Heathens, the lot of them. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the butterflies.


In MY defense, when I went there a few months ago to do a project for my humanities class, after going into the museum and getting what I needed for my paper, Chris and I did in fact take a walk around, and looked at the pretty flowers and butterflies and sculptures.

So HAH! :)


That happened to me in Florence. I wanted to see the Boboli Gardens - and Miss Kenju said we didn't have time. We did. :-/ Pooh on kids.



Today's kids (my son included) are going to miss 45% of life due to texting. A velociraptor could dash past them and they would keep their heads bent to the tiny screen, fingers aflying over tiny adult proof buttons.


oh lordy, I wish I could have been there. I'd rather spend hours in a garden or nursery than the mall. Hopefully we will be able to travel someday and visit the garden with you.

Kathy/lessons from the laundry

Yeah, our kids aren't always the sponges we long for to clean up all that we try to spill their way. I have yet to convince any of my kids that being vegetarian is cool, weeding is enlightening and matching socks is really fun.

This is my first visit to the "sea". Stop by my blog sometime.

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