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June 24, 2008


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Wow, Laura, your veggies look great! I just planted some okra, pole beans, broccoli and cantalope, but all from seeds, so they are just starting to pop up. Your stuff looks yummy!

I accept your meme, but will have to work on it tonight when I'm home and not at work :(

Also, thanks for your nice comment. I do not like having to post something like that, but it was building up and I just had to do it. I'm over it now and will resume my normal posts soon!


Nice harvest. I am also familiar with the bucket tripod/seat/carryall.


wow your garden looks great! Mine is growing, but nothing ripe yet. Altho it's supposed to rain for the next 8 days ... lots of growth!


Ha! I did this one in January:

Truthfully, I'd do it again, but the closest book is the Bible. :(


Pam, doesn't your bible have 123 pages? LOL

Janet, It's been raining here almost every day,which is why I think the veggies are doing so well! They need fertilizer tho, I think they're getting all washed out.

FC, we improvise where we can, don't we?

Swampy, I didn't know broccoli grew that far south! I'll have to try it, I eat so much of the stuff.


I do so wish I had done what I threatened to do and planted some veggies and tomatoes this year. Those look luscious!

Seamus you carry your sittin' rock in your camera bag or the bucket - which you shouldn't be kickin', don't-cha-know?
Your post on Buddy at the beach just put a smile on!


Seamus, I have to improvise where ever I go. Usually I leave the rock home. *sigh*. It's just not a good traveler's rock.
I'll have to make a Bucket List instead, if you get my drift. ;)
Great to see you back, btw. You've been missed!

Judy, I didn't put in a garden last year, either. And frankly, it was a miracle I got this one in at all this year! LOL.


I didn't forget! Book meme posted!

Cool "veggie" pics, by the way!


Awww, thanks for the tag, but think I'll pass. So much to do and so few hours.
Looks like all is well here and that's always a good thing. Darn it......I need MORE time on this computer and there's a storm rolling in from the Gulf.
Catch ya later...time to shut down.

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