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June 12, 2008


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My favorite picture is the last; love it! Bud looks totally contented with his day. :D


Wonderful photos of Buddy. He's such a beauty, Laura.


aww buddy looks like he's having a ball. lol. these are really good pictures too.


he is a great dog. was such an adorable puppy... like a little ball of white fur. Hey.Brodee is a Lhasa Apso,not a shi-tzu mix. He adores Buddy.


Bahaha. Thats so funny. Dumb dog. :P
I love the first and last picture.
Its so pretty. :]


It's so nice he gets to play that way.

me & my puppies

Buddy is having the time of his life. With the spring(summer)heat everyone is in need of a quick dip in the water.


He's still a beauty. Dog beach, what a great idea.
Good thing Buddy's not a surfer, the water looks pretty flat.

Laura again

I should have clarified... this "beach" is on the Intracoastal Waterway, not far from the Gulf. It's one of 4 "dog beaches" that I know of locally and all but one are on the Intracoastal.

The only place I know of that allows dogs on the Gulf side is Ft. DeSoto in St. Petersburg, about an hour's drive from here, give or take the traffic.
I rarely go over there, it's just too far.

Btw, in most of the cities around here, you can be fined for bringing your dog to the beach because of hygiene reasons, etc. (worms and sand don't mix!). They're liable to tear up sea turtle or bird nests and so on.

Additionally there are a few islands locally that are accessible by boat, that allow dogs under certain circumstances.

And thanks, y'all. It was a nice evening out there.


Such a lovely dog and he seems to be enjoying himself a great deal. We too are living with a mostly blind dog, who is also essentially deaf. It is hard, but worth it. And he is still having fun too.

Value For Your Life

Great pics! I like the idea of a dog beach. We have to travel pretty far for our guys to be able to go swimming. Thanks for sharing!


He looks so so so happy :-) Love that last shot!

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